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Watch how Tantric Touch is used

Tantric Nails:

There are enough nails in the kit to fit all the fingers of any hand size. 

Pull them apart to make them larger or squeeze them to make them smaller.


Insert the feathers into the hole of a nail from the top.  Slide it in until the tip passes the notch in the back where it will be secured.

Then put the nail on with the feather tip wedged between your fingertip and the nail.

Kino Chain:

Simply graze the Kino Chain across sensitive parts of the body. Vary between grazing just the tips of the chains and the whole length.

What is TT

What is Tantric Touch?

Tantric touch is a sensual massage kit comprised of: 

8 Tantric Nails |

7 Feathers |

1 Kino Chain


Tantric Nails

The nails can flex and form to any size finger. (male or female) You can then use them on your partner.  Start with a gentle grazing of the skin, working your way through the many erogenous zones of the body.



Each nail is designed with a secure fitting for feathers. After the feathers are attached, you can slowly brush them throughout the entire body producing a completely relaxing feather massage

TT-25 (1).jpg

Kino Chain

Our Kino Chain is a simple and unique device that is grazed across sensitive areas of the body.  

Favorite locations for using the chain is the face, ears and mid-section.

You'd be surprised how many areas of your body are sensitive to different kinds of touch.

Take your time and explore them all!



About Us

I loved that feeling when a girlfriend grazed my back with her nails and thought "Damn, I can't really return the favor...".  And I thought about all those poor people out there who have partners that don't have nails long enough to give or receive this sensation.

So, I consulted with my team of scientists (best friends) and we came up with Tantric Touch. We hope you love it as much as we do.

What IS this feeling?

This feeling (that most of us experience) can be defined by ASMR.

*Autonomous Sensory meridian Response

An experience characterized by the static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins in the scalp and moves down the neck and spine. It is cause by various stimuli. For most people, it's touch and for many others, it's caused by certain sounds.


Contacts us:

Tantric Touch Inc.

Brooklyn, NY

Tel: 917-326-1979

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