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  • Is Tantric Touch meant for 1 hand or 2 hands?
    1 hand. To ensure that the kit comes with enough nails in different sizes to fit all hands. We included 3 Small, 3 Medium and 2 Large. For additional nails and feathers to use on a 2nd hand, you can order supplemental nails and more feathers for $15
  • Why are the nails so sharp?
    They were designed to create a wide range of sensations. If they feel too sharp, then simply have your partner be gentler with them. For that ASMR sensation, lightly graze the nails across the skin. Barely touching it.
  • Why don't all the nails feel the same on my fingers?
    The nails are made from flexible Stainless Steel. Take them off then pull the wings apart or squeeze them together. Then put them on and squeeze to your size. Once they're sized for your fingers, it will be easy to put them on the next time. Average male hand: - Large for thumb and middle finger - Medium for index and ring finger - Small for pinky Average female hand: - Medium for thumb and middle finger - Small for index, ring finger and pinky
  • Having a hard time with the feathers?
    All feathers aren't created equal. Some of the tips/bulbs are larger or thicker than others. This is why we included 7 in your kit. *Use the thinnest feathers for the Small size nails. For best results, slide the feather in till the tip passes the V shaped notch.
  • Is the Kino Chain water resistant?
    No. It's recommended to keep the chain dry and away from moisture or it may rust over time.
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